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Calexico High School senior Daniel Pinela (right) takes the lead in the 110-meter hurdles event during a meet against Southwest High of El Centro at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, May 7. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

TRACK & FIELD: Eagles Soar Past Bulldogs on the Track

CALEXICO — Thanks to a dominant performance in the sprints, the Southwest High School track and field team won both the boys’ and girls’ meets against Calexico High at Ward Field here on Thursday, May 6.

The Eagles scored wins in the boys’ and girls’ 100- and 200-meter dashes and won three of the four sprint relays to pull away for the team victories.

The Southwest girls beat Calexico 92-35, while the Eagles’ boys scored a 78-48 win.

Results from the girls’ meet were:

4×100 meter relay – Southwest (Ivana Castro, Lucy Contreras, Savina Walker, Viviana Lara) 54.56. Calexico (Andrea Garcia, Nayeli Cano, Briana Gallegos, Viviana Cuadras) 55.95.

1,600 meters – Sidney Garcia, Southwest, 6:07.53. Madison Longton, Calexico, 6:13.18. Sarah Olmedo, Calexico, 6:56.31.

100-meter hurdles – Tahnee Saikhon, Southwest, 18.18. Evangelina Ruvalcaba, Southwest, 19.98. Alessandra Morales, Southwest, 22.54.

400 meters – Ivana Castro, Southwest, 1:06.65. Briana Gallegos, Calexico, 1:08.86. Viviana Lara, Southwest, 1:09.53.

100 meters – Jennifer Sanchez, Southwest, 13.90. Savina Walker, Southwest, 14.01. Viviana Cuadras, Calexico, 14.53.

800 meters – Sidney Garcia, Southwest, 2:31.51. Andrea Garcia, Calexico, 2:54.75. Sarah Olmeda, Calexico, 3:01.12.

300-meter hurdles – Tahnee Saikhon, Southwest, 54.23. Evangelina Ruvalcaba, Southwest, 55.43. Madison Longton, Calexico, 59.99.

Calexico High School junior Andrea Garcia gets over the bar during the high jump competition at a track meet against Southwest High of El Centro at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, May 6. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

200 meters – Jennifer Sanchez, Southwest, 27.40. Sidney Garcia, Southwest, 27.69. Viviana Lara, Southwest, 29.56.

3,200 meters – Madison Longton, Calexico, 15:05.66. Julissa Vizcarra, Southwest, 16:43.70. Elizabeth Hernandez, Southwest, 19:59.62.

4×400-meter relay – Southwest (Lucy Contreras, Adalie Espinoza, Viviana Lara, Ivana Castro) 4:27.04. Calexico (Andrea Garcia, Nayeli Cano, Sarah Olmedo, Madison Longton) 5:14.37.

High jump – Andrea Garcia, Calexico, 4-06. Addis Barraza, Southwest, 4-03. Evangelina Ruvalcaba, Southwest, 3-11.

Long jump – Savina Walker, Southwest, 14-01. Briana Gallegos, Calexico, 13-10. Tahnee Saikhon, Southwest, 13-03.

Triple jump – Savina Walker, Southwest, 30-04. Jennifer Sanchez, Southwest, 29-06. Alyan Americano Aguilar, Southwest, 27-11.

Shot put – Mariana Ledesma, Calexico, 28-04. Shelby Jimenez, Southwest, 25-07. Jazman Pichardo, Southwest, 25-05.

Discus – Rose Avila, Calexico, 84-00. Shelby Jimenez, Southwest, 77-09. Mariana Ledesma, Calexico, 77-05.

Results from the boys’ meet were:

4×100-meter relay – Southwest (Jose Avila-Garcia, Adriel Ballesteros, Miguel Sandoval, Michael Bogart) 47.87. Calexico (Ricardo Campos, Gabriel Verdugo, Jesse Hernandez, Daniel Pinela) 48.75.

1,600 meters – Miguel Ramirez, Southwest, 4:57.60. Federico Felix, Calexico, 5:11.92. David Aguilar, Calexico, 5:25.19.

110-meter hurdles – Daniel Pinela, Calexico, 17.55. Steven Gomez, Southwest, 18.31. Alejandro Morales, Southwest, 20.65.

400 meters – Alejandro Morales, Southwest, 55.06. Ricardo Campos, Calexico, 55.07. Jose Avila-Garcia, Southwest, 57.23.

100 meters – Miguel Sandoval, Southwest, 11.84. Michael Bogart, Southwest, 12.06. Vincent Vasquez, Calexico, 12.09.

800 meters – Miguel Ramirez, Southwest, 2:14.41. Federico Felix, Calexico, 2:20.19.  Damian Torres, Calexico, 2:29.48.

300-meter hurdles –Daniel Pinela, Calexico, 43.91. Steven Gomez, Southwest, 44.57. Alejandro Morales, Southwest, 55.03.

200 meters – Miguel Sandoval, Southwest, 24.40. Vincent Vasquez, Calexico, 25.24. Michael Bogart, Southwest, 25.47.  

3,200 meters – Steven Gomez, Southwest, 11:12.02. Federico Felix, Calexico, 11:21.49. David Aguilar, Calexico, 12:24.10.

4×400-meter relay – Calexico (Federico Felix, Carlos Hernandez, Daniel Pinela, David Aguilar) 3:56.24. Southwest (Adriel Ballesteros, Benico Cabanit, Miguel Sandoval, Nicholas Godinez) 4:07.16.

High jump – Michael Bogart, Southwest, 4-09. Angel Chavez, Calexico, 4-07.

Long jump – Vincent Vasquez, Calexico, 16-08. Alejandro Morales, Southwest, 16-04. Benico Cabanit, Southwest, 15-09.

Triple jump – Benico Cabanit, Southwest, 32-11. Diego Martinez, Calexico, 32-07. Nicholas Godinez, Southwest, 29-06.

Shot put – Guillermo Lopez, Southwest, 51-01. Gilbert Venegas, Southwest, 43-11. Edward Venegas, Southwest, 38-03.

Discus – Guillermo Lopez, Southwest, 148-04. Gilbert Venegas, Southwest, 111-08. Angel Chavez, Calexico, 92-08.

Calexico High School senior Raul Villarreal hurls the discus during an Imperial Valley League track and field meet against Southwest at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, May 6. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO
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