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Calexico High School senior Daniel Pinela (right) competes in the 110-meter hurdles race against Brawley Union High’s Nathan May in an Imperial Valley League meet at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, April 22. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

TRACK: Wildcats Edge Bulldogs in Opening Meet

CALEXICO — In the opening Imperial Valley League track and field meet of the season, it was Brawley Union High earning the sweep over Calexico at Ward Field here on Thursday, April 22.

It was a narrow victory for the Brawley girls’ squad, edging the Bulldogs, 63-51, in the team standings, while on the boys’ side, the Wildcats scored the 79-41 win over Calexico.

Calexico High School junior Viviana Cuadras competes in the high jump during an Imperial Valley League meet against Brawley Union at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, April 22. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO

The Brawley boys dominated the sprints and the field events while Calexico had the advantage in the distance runs. In the girls’ meet it was sweeps by the Wildcats in the 100- and 200-meter races that helped get the team win.

Results from the girls’ meet were:

4×100 meter relay – Calexico (Briana Gallegos, Sarha Ojeda, Nayeli Cano, Viviana Cuadras) 57.00.

1,600 meters – Madison Longton, Calexico, 5:51.08. Jaasiel Contreras, Brawley, 5:55.42. Julitza Alvarez, Brawley, 6:02.90.

100-meter hurdles – Jaqi Hernandez, Brawley, 19.96. Yamna Ochoa, Calexico, 22.27.

400 meters – Andrea Garcia, Calexico, 1:14.81. Nayeli Cano, Calexico, 1:19.95.

100 meters – Isabella Rebollar, Brawley, 12.81. Kristin Ruelas, Brawley, 13.83. Madison Whittman, Brawley, 14.77.

800 meters – Julitza Alvarez, Brawley, 2:43.98. Andrea Garcia, Calexico, 2:54.14. Mia Navarro, Brawley, 2:56.01.

300-meter hurdles – Jaqi Hernandez, Brawley, 57.94. Madison Longton, Calexico, 59.11.

200 meters – Isabella Rebollar, Brawley, 27.90. Kristin Ruelas, Brawley, 30.43. Madison Whittman, Brawley, 31.53.

3,200 meters – Jaasiel Contreras, Brawley, 13:00.08. Madison Longton, Calexico, 13:46.81. Briana Gallegos, Calexico, 15:01.08.

4×400-meter relay – Brawley (Chloe Casey, Mia Navarro, Jaasiel Contreras, Julitza Alvarez) 5:09.65.

High jump – Andrea Garcia, Calexico, 4-04. Viviana Cuadras, Calexico, 4-02, Jaqi Hernandez, Brawley, 4-00.

Long jump – Briana Gallegos, Calexico, 13-07. Kristin Ruelas, Brawley, 13-00.

Shot put – Dylan Jardon, Brawley, 29-10. Mariana Ledesma, Calexico, 29-06. Azaria Martin, Brawley, 28-07.50.

Discus – Sharron Lee, Brawley, 86-00.50. Mariana Ledesma, Calexico, 83-04.50. Rose Avila, Calexico, 71-03.

Results from the boys’ meet were:

4×100-meter relay – Brawley (Christopher Camillo, Nathan May, Gilbert Corrales, Jayden Figueroa) 46.68. Calexico (Diego Martinez, Carlos Hernandez, Ricardo Campos, Daniel Pinela) 48.48.

1,600 meters – David Aguilar, Calexico, 5:10.50. Joseph Taylor, Brawley, 5:12.01. Dominic Kirkpatrick, Brawley, 5:21.96.

110-meter hurdles – Nathan May, Brawley, 17.31. Daniel Pinela, Calexico, 17.31.

400 meters – Ricardo Campos, Calexico, 56.53. David Marcial, Brawley, 1:01.36. Carlos Hernandez, Calexico, 1:02.02.

100 meters – Jayden Figueroa, Brawley, 11.18. Mehkye Washington, Brawley, 11.90. Gilbert Corrales, Brawley, 12.06.

800 meters – Joseph Taylor, Brawley, 2:19.24. Joey Navarro, Brawley, 2:28.99. Ryan Garcia, Brawley, 2:34.78.

300-meter hurdles – Ricardo Campos, Calexico, 56.60. Daniel Pinela, Calexico, 56.61.

200 meters – Jayden Figueroa, Brawley, 23.83. Gilbert Corrales, Brawley, 24.64. Joey Navarro, Brawley, 25.53.

3,200 meters – David Aguilar, Calexico, 11:36.31. Jacob DeSantiago, Calexico, 11:59.60.

4×400-meter relay – Calexico (Anthony Avina, Diego Martinez, Daniel Pinela, Ricardo Campos) 4:06.99. Brawley (Damian Zuno, Robert Platt, David Marcial, Jonathon Arellanes) 4:15.06.

High jump – Ruben Abarca, Brawley, 5-02. Mehkye Washington, Brawley, 5-00. Jonathon Arellanes, Brawley, 4-06.

Long jump – Mehkye Washington, Brawley, 17-04. Ruben Abarca, Brawley, 16-08.50. Jonathon Arellanes, Brawley, 15-11.50.

Triple jump – Diego Martinez, Calexico, 30-01.

Shot put – Nathan May, Brawley, 38-10. German Beltran, Brawley, 35-04.50. Charlie Layaye, Brawley, 34-08.

Discus – Nathan May, Brawley, 94-03. Sebastion May, Brawley, 85-07.25. Javier Villegas, Brawley, 72-07.50.

Calexico High School senior Albert Torres competes in the discus during an Imperial Valley League meet against Brawley Union at Ward Field in Calexico on Thursday, April 22. | CAMILO GARCIA JR. PHOTO
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