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Tennis: Bulldogs Ace Wildcats in IVL Opener

New Format Features Co-ed Doubles


BRAWLEY — In a traditional high school year, the girls’ tennis season runs in the fall and the boys’ season is in the spring. Due to COVID, nothing is traditional about the 2020-21 school year, and tennis has become a co-ed sport.

In the Imperial Valley League opening match, Calexico defeated Brawley, 14-3, in the new format on the Wildcats’ campus on Wednesday, March 17.

Gwenyth Rodriguez and Yulianna Gastelum, the Bulldogs’ top-two girls’ players, produced three points for the team with their wins in singles and doubles.

“It’s a good start to the season, but we still have a lot of things to work and improve on,” said Xavier Rodriguez, Calexico’s head coach. “With the hard work the kids are putting in, I have no doubt we will (improve).”

In a traditional match, each singles competitor plays three sets and each doubles competitor does the same. With the new format, each singles player now only has one set and each doubles player has just one set. Additionally, this year, there are five mixed doubles sets played.

In girls’ singles, Rodriguez and Andrea Morillon both won their sets by identical 6-0 scores, and the Bulldogs’ Gastelum won her set, 6-2.

In boys’ singles, Calexico’s Vidal Castaneda and Aaron Galvan won their sets by matching 6-2 scores while the Bulldogs’ Ivan Sandoval lost his set, 1-6.

It was a clean sweep for the Calexico girls’ doubles squads, with the teams of Gwenyth Rodriguez-Yulianna Gastelum, Andrea Morillon-Samantha Alvarez and Kristen Noriega-Alexa Gastelum all winning their sets by matching 6-1 scores.

For boys’ doubles, Calexico also netted three points, with victories from Ivan Sandoval-Aaron Galvan (6-2), Vidal Castaneda-Ethan Noriega (6-0) and Donato Rosas-Mario Gallo (7-6).

In the mixed doubles, the Calexico team of Jose Zavala-Alexa Gastelum won, 6-1, as did the team of Mario Gallo-Kristen Noriega (6-2) and Donato Rosas-Carla Vizcaino (6-3). The Bulldogs’ teams of Ethan Noriega-Samantha Alvarez (3-6) and Marco Trejo-Victoria Ochoa (5-6) fell in their matchups with the Wildcats.

Next up for Calexico is a home match against Southwest, set for 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 24.

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