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Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District
Image Source: Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District Facebook page

New Heffernan healthcare district offices announced Dec. 4 at ‘groundbreaking ceremony’

Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District officials kicked off a $1.5 million major renovation project on a suite of offices the district purchased several years ago at 400 Mary Ave. in Calexico.

Although the groundbreaking ceremony was the morning of Dec. 4, information on the building project was limited because the ceremony took place after this newspaper’s deadline.

Heffernan board members and district officials did not provide much information on the project when contacted the evening of Dec. 3.

Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District operates in the Calexico area and provides funding for healthcare-related services within the district’s boundaries through annual property-tax allotments.

Heffernan board Trustee Gloria Grijalva said she thinks the office building is being renovated to house medical facilities as well as classrooms of some sort. No other board members were available to provide information Dec. 3.

District general manager Tomas Virgen, who Grijalva said is leading the renovation effort, was vague on what services the building would house.

“The building may be used to provide education, house some of the programs sponsored by Heffernan, and perhaps be used as a temporary home for the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District offices and board meetings,” Virgen responded in an email late Dec. 3.

Heffernan marketing and public relations head Tony Pimentel said the property was purchased by the Heffernan district at least five years ago and formerly contained the dental offices of Dr. Sae Rom Kim, from whom Pimentel said he thought the district purchased the building.

Outdated real estate websites show the property was also the former location of dentist Dr. Richard Farrell and the Imperial Valley Independent Living Center. No purchase price could be located online and neither Pimentel, Grijalva nor Virgen revealed the property cost.

Pimentel added the project is being renovated “from top to bottom” and was designed by architects from Sanders Inc. in El Centro. Virgen stated in the email that the building project would take about 12 months to be finished.

The 5,570-square-foot building reportedly contains three office suites with a common courtyard area on a nearly 17,000-square-foot lot, according to information found online.

A white, boxy office building on the northeast corner of Mary Avenue and Fourth Street, the site is across the street from Calexico Neighborhood House and near the Fire Department.

A press conference with more details on the building project was to occur at 10 a.m. Dec. 4.

Heffernan district headquarters are currently at 601 Heber Ave., across from Calexico City Hall.

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